Do you have a place that just the mere mention of it makes you smile? For me, that place is New Orleans. Nola. I have flashes of skipping through Jackson Square with my childhood best friend, Mallory. My Mom listening to a street musician, sunlight bouncing off her face. Long lunches with my Dad at the Court of Two Sisters. Early morning Beignets at Cafe du Monde. Jazzfest with my cousins.

For many, Nola is an adult’s playground. But if you had the privilege of experiencing it as a kid, even if just in fleeting memories as a tourist, then you know that New Orleans is so much more. It is a place of wide-eyed wonder, where every new day is a reason for celebration.

There is something magical about this city. There too is magic in watching your child experience it all. I hope that this NOLA sensory box will bring a little of that magic to your home.