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Space Kit

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BIG emotions are normal in children; they are still developing emotion regulation. Our kits are designed to create a mind-body connection (similar to that of yoga) through which kids can navigate their emotions and self-soothe. Sensory play in itself serves to build nerve connections in your child's brain, supports language development, problem-solving skills, and motor skill development. This product aims to inspire emotional growth and promote healthy communication in young kids.

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Fine Print:

Store sensory dough in an airtight container to keep fresh enjoy for months. If left out, the dough may form salt crystals. It's inevitable in food-grade play dough, but easily fixable; just add a few drops of water and knead the salt away!

Items may vary slightly from kit to kit and will not exactly match the pictures.

Warning: Choking Hazard-small parts. Not intended for kids under the age of 3.